Friday, June 15, 2012

Robert H Collins in Idaho & Oregon

I've been reviewing my notes about dear ol' great-great-grandfather Robert Henry Collins (see previous post) and refining my timeline of his life. I don't have a clue where he was between April 1882 and April 1892, but he wrote back to the local newspaper in Hickory County about once a year from 1902 until about 1914. He moved around a LOT during that period of time, to wit:
12/17/1903     Weiser, Washington Co., Idaho
1/24/1905       Doniphan, Blaine Co., Idaho
1/25/1906       Wood River, Blaine Co., Idaho
9/27/1906       Moscow, Latah Co., Idaho
2/21/1907       Nyssa, Malheur Co., Oregon
1/1/1909         Hailey, Blaine Co., Idaho
1/28/1909 -- 5/?/1909   Hickory Co., Missouri
10/1/1901 -- 1/1/1914   Galata, Toole Co., Montana
11/26/1914      Hailey, Blaine Co., Idaho
11/30/1917      Camas Co., Idaho
3/27/1919 -- 4/6/1924   in or near Weaubleau, Hickory Co., Missouri

I know that his favorite uncle, Jacob BARTSHE (his mother's brother) moved with many family members to Hailey, Blaine Co., Idaho in 1890. In reviewing my BARTSHE records, I see that a number of Susannah Bartshe COLLINS' siblings migrated to the Northwest, including the following:
George Bartshe    died Nov 1916 in Moscow, Latah Co., ID
Jacob Bartshe      died Jan 1918 in Moscow, Latah Co., ID
James Bartshe     died Oct 1919 in Caldwell, Canyon Co., ID
Salma Sarah Bartshe BROOKS     died Sep 1897 in Camas Prairie, Blaine Co., ID
Rebecca Bartshe COOK     died Mar 1931 in Hailey, Blaine Co., ID

In addition, there were many other assorted relatives living in Idaho, including William Early HEARD, whose mother was a sister of R H's first wife's first husband, lived in Hailey and Moscow, Idaho, and married one of Jacob Bartshe's granddaughters. I've found letters between my great-grandmother, Nancy Collins, and William Heard's mother, with Nannie calling her "Aunt Mary", so they were presumably pretty close.

Lots of potential connections! Hopefully I'll find information in the local papers about R H Collins visiting his relatives while looking for work.

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