Saturday, June 30, 2012

Genea-Bucket List

A new first tonight--responding to Randy Seaver's "Saturday Night Genealogy Fun" challenge as detailed on his Genea-Musings blog at

What's on my genealogy bucket list?
1. Connect my 3g grandfather, Henry W. COLLINS (1802-1852), to his parents & siblings.
2. Connect my 4g grandfather, Joseph BROOKSHIRE (1764-?) to his parents & siblings.
3. Organize my notes and photos so that they can be easily accessed by my and by others.
4. Publish my genealogy findings in a way that will interest my kids and cousins.
5. Take a leisurely research trip to central and eastern Tennessee, northern Georgia, and southwestern Virginia (NOT during the summer!).
6. Take a trip to Sweden and Finland to visit places both my early ancestors (1600s) and my husband's more recent ancestors (grandparents) lived.
7. Make a presentation at a national or large regional (SCGS Jamboree). So far, my proposals have been totally ignored.

Hmm, that's definitely more than Randy's "3 or more" requirement!

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  1. Good Luck Ginny. I really hope that you can achieve your bucket list.