My Families

Surnames I am currently (and always) researching:

Maternal Lines                Paternal Lines             Husband's Lines
Swicegood                      Sharp                        Sommarstrom  
Brookshire                      Meldrum                    Grund
Collins                            Sonnen                      Mattson
Campbell                        McFarland                   Larson/Larsdotter
Crabtree                         Ryason                       Person/Pehrsdotter
Coffey                            Braithwaite                 Olsson/Olsdotter
Boone                            Mohr                          Andersson
Bartshe                          Stark                         Hansdotter
Quigg                            Thomas                      Mattsdotter
Dierks                            Stilley                        Ersdotter
Dasher                           Buscarck
Owens                            Sults
Nunley                           Howell
Winchester                     Welsch
Parker                            Flock
Roberson                        Thomas


  1. I am a Brookshire from Missouri, any relation? There are a lot of us in Phelps County

  2. The Brookshires in Phelps County are not closely related to mine in Hickory and Jasper couunties.