Saturday, August 30, 2014

SNGF: How many Sarah LNUs?

This week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge from Randy Seaver is as follows:
  • How many "Sarah" persons without a last name do you have in your genealogy database? How many of them are your ancestors?
  • If you have a "Sarah LNU" who is your direct ancestor, have you looked recently to determine if there are more records online that might help you determine her surname?
  • Tell us about your "Sarah LNU" ancestors with no surname.
In my SWICEGOOD database (my mother's lines), I have 19 Sara/Sarah first names with no last names. None of these are my direct ancestors.

My Sara/Sarah LNUs are as follows:
  • Sara, wife of Adam BECK, mother of 5 children born between 1808 and 1818 in Davidson County, NC
  • Sarah, wife of Alexander SHARPE, b. 1 May 1824; d. 20 Jun 1897 near Tyro, Davidson Co., NC
  • Sarah, wife of Joseph W. WOOLERY, b. abt 1825 in Missouri
  • Sarah, wife of Daniel GIBSON, b. abt 1848
  • Sarah, wife of Thomas H. MALLORY, b. Nov 1850 in Missouri; d. 1930 in prob. Jasper Co., Missouri
    • There's a Missouri death certificate for Thomas in 1916, but none for Sarah, so suspect she either remarried (in her 60s?) or moved to another state to live with one of her children.
  • Sarah, wife of Thomas CRABTREE, mother of 7 children born between 1806 and 1836
  • Sarah, wife of Christian HAUSSER, b. in Germany, no dates
  • Sarah, wife of Charles BROOKSHIRE (b. 1796 NC; d. 1880 IN)
  • Sarah, wife of William PITTS, mother of Addie PITTS (1907-1999)
  • Sarah, wife of Conrad DAVIS, mother of Maurice DAVIS (1769-1830)
  • Sarah E., wife of Joel BROOKSHIRE, b. abt 1833 in Tennessee; mother of 7 children born 1857-1876 in TN
  • Sarah E., wife of Mathias JACOBS, mother of 2 children born 1857-1859 in Missouri
  • Sarah E., wife of FNU QUIGG (b. 1886, Hickory Co., MO)
    • My notes indicate that this wife might be an erroneous entry. I only have a birth record for her supposed husband and attached the wrong family to him.
  • Sarah Ella, wife of William Brazil BROOKSHER, b. abt 1848 in Georgia; mother of 2 children born 1868 & 1875 in Missouri (?)
    • FindAGrave lists a Sarah Ella BROOKSHER, 1848-1898, wife of W. B. BROOKSHER, buried in Cassville Cemetery, Bartow County, Georgia. No information on parents or children.
  • Sarah J., wife of John Franklin QUIGG; b. abt. 1840 in Pennsylvania; mother of 9 children born 1858-1880 in PA, MO, and KS
  • Sarah J., wife of Alfred CRABTREE, b. abt 1825 in Tennessee; mother of 4 children born 1842-1860 in Missouri
    • No Missouri death certificate or Missouri burial found. Probably remarried, as husband died about the time last child was born.
  • Sarah J., wife of John W. JACOBS, mother of 10 children born 1850-1878, some in Missouri
    • No Missouri death certificate or Missouri burial found.
  • Sarah M., wife of James Emery MEREDITH. b. 1867 in MO, d. 1923 in MO
    • Her Missouri death certificate gives maiden name as OWEN, daughter of James B. OWEN and Lucy VICKIS?? [DICKERSON in FindAGrave memorial]; buried in Osceola cemetery. F'indAGrave indicates that James MEREDITH was her second husband and includes an obituary for her first husband, parents and sibling names.
  • Sarah S., wife of Levi BRESHEARS, b. Jul 1859 in Missouri; mother of 7 children born 1881-1898 in Missouri
    • I checked for a Death Certificate for Sarah, but did not find one. She is listed on her husband's death certificate "S. E. Breshears" in 1919, so apparently have her middle initial wrong. I checked FindAGrave for the cemetery where Levi is said to be buried on his death certificate, but neither Levi or Sarah is listed there.
To be perfectly honest, none of these "Sarah LNUs" are very close relatives, so I'm not inclined to spend much time searching for information on them. I did some quick-and-dirty lookups in two databases--Missouri Death Certificates, 1910-1963 and FindAGrave--but wasn't inclined to dive into or

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  1. I had only 3 Sarah's, but they were all too distant for me to care much about, too. So, I went with Ann instead and had a lot more fun! I had 6 of them and 2 were direct ancestors. I was able to find a death certificate for one of the Ann's - not a direct ancestor, but close enough that I cared to find it.