Saturday, January 4, 2014

SNGF: My Ancestor Score

Randy Seaver's challenge for this week is to calculate you Ancestor Score. You can check out his blog post here for the details.

Figuring out my ancestor score was a tad more complicated than for others, it seems. I keep my maternal and paternal lines in separate Family TreeMaker files. I tried Randy's technique of generating an Ahnenfelt chart in FTM, but it was way too cumbersome, as it included all of my notes. So instead, I generated 10-generation pedigree charts for each of my databases and just counted the number of lines that had names on them. Granted, some of the wives in earlier generation only had given names, but I counted those anyway. And, to be perfectly honest, I'm not absolutely convinced that all of the 9th and 10th generation ancestors in my trees are correct.

So....drumroll results:

Generation Relationship Possible People People in MY Tree Percent
1 Me 1 1 100%
2 Parents 2 2 100%
3 Grandparents 4 4 100%
4 Great-grandparents 8 8 100%
5 2x Great-grandparents 16 16 100%
6 3x Great-grandparents 32 28 88%
7 4x Great-grandparents 64 28 44%
8 5x Great-grandparents 128 35 27%
9 6x Great-grandparents 256 24 9%
10 7x Great-grandparents 512 21 4%

Can you tell that I'm not a genealogist who focuses on seeing how far back I can take a line? I get really hung up on the stories and trying to prove or disprove them. Not surprisingly, I don't have many stories from earlier than my 3x great-grandparents, so I don't spend much time on them. And my paternal ancestry is more sparse than my maternal one. Through 6 generations I'm 100% on my maternal line, then my percentage drops fast. Overall, my ancestor score was just 16% for the ten generations. Maybe I'll try to focus on filling in the 6th and 7th generations this coming year.

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