Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday....with a few words

"Warrensburg Boys"
I found this photo two years ago in an album stashed in a closet in Weaubleau, Missouri. From old letters and newspaper articles, I know that my great-grandfather, Charlie BROOKSHIRE, attended the Normal School at Warrensburg, MO, in the spring of 1893 [late February through early May]. Other people mentioned in the letters and newspaper articles who may be in this photo include Alva Fisher, Professor Charles E Burton, Charlie Gist, Grant Bowman, Hiram Gardner, and Brady ?. I think Charlie is the guy with the curly air looking off to the left, third person from the left. Grant Bowman may be the fellow in the front right.
Unfortunately, the college doesn't have any old photos or records online. It just occurred to me last night to email the archivist at the college, now the University of Central Missouri, to see whether they might help identify these guys. I was amazed to have a response this morning that she will take on the challenge. The college didn't start publishing yearbooks until 1905, but she does have other old records and photos to work from. Does anybody have other ideas for identifying these guys?

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